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Marlins is definitely the place for steaks! All of our beef selections are Black Angus choice quality. They are hand cut daily. It would be hard to find a better steak anywhere else! So enjoy an open charcoal grilled steak. Please specify cooked temperature. Sorry we cannot accept responsibility for selections ordered well done.

All of our Beef entrees can be blackened for an additional $1.00

Certified Black Angus Beef

NY Strip Steak -- 16 oz.A firm but tender selection taken from the loin (boneless) makes it a traditionally popular favorite. Served with a baked potato and seasoned vegetables$22.95
Porterhouse -- 20 oz.The best of both worlds. A strip loin on one side and a tender filet on the other connected with the bone for added flavor. Truly a steak lover's favorite. Served with garlic mashed potatoes, crispy angel hair onions, a merlot demiglaze and the vegetable of the day.$25.95
Delmonico -- 16 oz.Otherwise known as Rib Eye, this steak is taken from the rib (boneless) and is one of the most tender steaks of all due to the natural marblization of the meat. Served with baked potato and seasoned vegetables.$23.95
Filet Mignon -- 8 oz.Piece of tenderlion (center0cut only), wrapped with bacon for added flavor to this already wonderful piece of beef, makes it the granddaddy of them all. Complimented with sauteed baby leaf spinach, garlic mashed potatoes and a bearnaise sauce...An 8 oz. Lobster Tail can be added to this selection at Market Price.$25.95


10 inch Individual Bar PieAdditional Toppings $1.00$8.95
16 inchAdditional Toppings $1.50$11.50
Vegetable PieIn addition to sauce and mozzarella cheese, we add tomatoes, spinach, onions, green peppers and cheddar cheeseSmall $9.95 Large $12.95
Bacon Cheeseburger PieIn case you couldn't make up your mind, we give you both pizza and the burger. Bacon, ground beef, onions, on top of the traditional pie. Oh, yes. Pickles, too!Small $10.95 Large $13.25
Roasted Garlic Shrimp PizzaWe take fresh roasted garlic. saute it with rock shrimp, onions, and diced tomatoes and infuse all the flavors on this pizza.Small $12.95 Large $16.95
Marlins BBQ Chicken PizzaWe want to make this selection as famous as our BBQ chicken salad, so we are taking our fried chicken pieces, submerging them into our secret BBQ sauce, and topping the pie with it, then adding some cheddar.Small $11.95 Large $14.95
Buffalo Chicken PizzaHomemade pizza sauce, mozzarella, topped with pieces of buffalo chicken tenders.Small $11.95 Large $14.95
White Vegetable PieNo sauce on this one! Ricotta, romano, mozzarella cheeses as the base, topped with broccoli, spinach, mushrooms and tomato slices.Small $11.95 Large $15.95
Margherita PieOur homemade pizza sauce, fresh mozzarella, basil & garlic topped with slice of tomato.Small $12.95 Large $16.95

To our customers, all the selections on the menu are available to go for your convenience. Please note all of our food is prepared fresh daily with a standard of only the highest quality. With that in mind, please be patient if your order takes a few more minutes to prepare. It will definitely be worth the wait! We would like to thank you for patronizing Marlins and look forward to serving you again.
Your Hosts, The McKenna Family